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Eurofins Celebrates 25 Years Of Laboratory Excellence And 15 Years Of Value Creation Since Its IPO

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Eurofins Investor Relations
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08/11/2012 Luxembourg
Eurofins ranks 1st in value creation compared to all 280 companies listed on the Paris Stock Exchange since September 1997

Eurofins celebrated on Monday evening the 25th anniversary of its foundation and 15 years of creating value since its IPO. Dr. Gilles Martin, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), hosted guests from the capital markets who have followed the Company from its Initial Public Offering (IPO) in October 1997, and throughout its development in the last 15 years. During the celebrations, Professor Chris Brooks, PhD, Director of Research at the ICMA Centre – Henley Business School at the University of Reading in the UK, presented a research paper examining in detail the link between accounting measures of a firm’s success and its share price performance. Professor Brooks’ research shows the eventual substantial rewards for investors who fund a company’s acquisitions and development strategy and hold their shares for at least 5 years.

Specifically, he presented data showing Eurofins’ total shareholder returns compared to all other 280 firms that have been listed on the Paris bourse over the 15 years that the Company has been traded. The research found that Eurofins ranks highest in terms of both its total returns to shareholders (over 5,000% compounded) and its risk-adjusted returns among all companies that were listed on the Paris Bourse for the whole period*.

Comment from Dr. Gilles Martin, CEO: “The inherent value of our activities, both in terms of their positive impact on health, safety and the environment, and as reflected in the value we generate for our shareholders, drives our passion to continue to build a unique laboratory infrastructure and deliver the best quality service to all our clients. It reinforces our commitment to this mission as we embark on the next phase of our growth: to double in size by 2017.”

*Excluding one Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) fund with very limited trading, and hence low volatility in risk-adjusted returns.

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