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Eurofins Genomics Events

Stay updated about the latest Eurofins Genomics events.

18th - 22th November 2019 – Lisbon, Portugal
PEGS Europe
Meet us at the PEGS in Lisbon.
4th - 5th December 2019 - Basel, Switzerland
Genomics Live
Meet us at Genomics Live.
11th - 15th January 2020 - San Diego, Unitet States
Let's meet at the PAG XXVIII 2020 in San Diego and learn more about the Eurofins Genomics' products, services and current promotions.
29th - 30th January 2020 - London, UK
Festival of Genomics 2020
Meet us at the Festival of Genomics 2020 in London.
4th - 5th March 2020 - Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Plant Genomics & Gene Editing
Meet us at the Plant Genomics & Gene Editing Congress in Rotterdam. The conference focuses on gene editing, NGS and omic technologies to advance plant research.
8th - 11th March 2020 – Leipzig, Germany
VAAM & DGHM Conference
Meet us at the VAAM & DGHM Conference in Leipzig.
31th March - 03. April 2020 - Munich, Germany
Analytica 2020
Meet us at the Analytica 2020 in Munich. We are looking forward to welcoming you at the booth.
6th - 9th June 2020 - Berlin, Germany
ESHG 2020
The ESHG will be delivering a conference in Milan showcasing the latest findings in the field of human genetics, both basic and applied. Join us!
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