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Eurofins Genomics Events

Stay updated about the latest Eurofins Genomics events.

July 12, 2018 | Regensburg, Germany
Fair of the Uni. of Regensburg
A broad spectrum of research is done at the faculty for biology and preclinical medicine, comprising biomedicine, cellular and structural biochemistry and biophysics, microbiology, genetics, molecular ecology and evolution, and neurobiology. Join us!
July 23 - 25, 2018 | Landsberg, Germany
Synthetic Biology III 2018
This conference is one of the largest in the field of synthetic biology in Europe. Here, cutting-edge research results on synthetic biology are exchanged and discussed by biologists, chemists and physicists. Topics include mirror biology, orthogonal biosystems, metabolic and genome engineering technologies, synthetic circuits, modeling and computer-aided design. Join us!
July 29, 2018 | Salzburg, Austria
Science Get Together
We are looking forward to welcoming you at the Eurofins Genomics booth at the Science Get Together. Visit the Genomics expert Matthias and learn more about the Eurofins Genomics products, services and applications.
August 15 - 17, 2018 | Blaubeuren, Germany
This scientific conference covers different interdisciplinary state-of-the-art concepts of chemical biology.
August 27 - 31, 2018 | Vienna, Austria
Plant Mutation and Breeding
A scientific conference that covers different interdisciplinary state-of-the-art concepts of chemical biology.
September 06 - 09, 2018 | Berlin, Germany
22th Surgical research days
This conference focuses on scientific exchange, advanced training and creating ideas in the field of surgical research. Nationale and international keynote speakers will present the latest topics of their respective fields. Join us!
September 17 - 20, 2018 | Vienna, Austria
10th ÖGMBT Annual Meeting
The 10th ÖGMBT Annual Meeting aims to provide the latest insights on “Molecular and cellular mechanisms of human diseases”. Scientists working in Austria together with international leaders at the forefronts of their fields will discuss the latest progress on various topics. Join us!
September 26 - 28, 2018 | Freiburg, Germany
Congress of gene therapy 2018
This annual congress brings together scientists working in the fields of gene and cell therapy from throughout Europe and beyond. The Congress is a platform for highlighting the latest research and techniques through scientific sessions, which include keynote lectures, invited speakers, selected speakers, poster sessions and exhibitions. Join us!
October 02 - 03, 2018 | Odense, Denmark
Genomic Medicine Nordic 2018
This conference focus on the utilisation of genomics and NGS technologies and tools to investigate human disease in research and clinical settings. This covers the application and workflows for genomics and NGS, personalized genomics, metagenomics link to health/disease, non-invasive prenatal testing, cancer and rare disease genetics, data analysis, and many more. Join us!
October 19, 2018 | Brussels, Belgium
Annual Symposium in Belgian
This symposium focuses on general microbiology, applied and environmental microbiology, medical and veterinary microbiology, and host-microbes interactions. The conference is jointly organised with the National Committee for Microbiology. Join us!
November 08, 2018 | Lausanne, Switzerland
This symposium focuses on the central regulation of metabolism and feeding. During this event, international renown scientists will share their scientific interests. Join us!
November 08 - 09, 2018 | Vienna, Austria
VBC PhD-Symposium
The symposium aims at the topic of transforming science communication within the scientific community and to the general public by using modern technology and ideas. Join us!
November 12, 2018 | Denmark
Danish Microbiol. Congress
This one-day conference focuses on six - eight specific areas of microbiology. It provides the opportunity to meet other researchers and exchange ideas, results and know-how. Join us!
November 12 - 13, 2018 | Genf, Switzerland
UNIGE Symposium
This workshop focuses on bacteriology in clinics and research, and includes topics about bacterial pathogens, resistance, toxin-antitoxin systems and genomic adaptations to new antibiotic treatments. Join us!
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