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Plasmid Preparation

   Intro & Info

Eurofins Genomics’ plasmid preparation services are available from mini prep to giga prep scale resulting in µg to up to 20 mg of high-quality plasmid DNA. The larger preps are available endotoxin free and sterile. We also offer detection of endotoxin level (LAL test) as well as sterility testing and bioburden assay.

Plasmid DNA preparation services are required in research laboratories, biotech and pharmaceutical companies for applications such as:
  • Transfection into mammalian cells
  • Production of viral vectors
  • Production of antibodies and recombinant proteins
  • Production of DNA vaccines
  • Cell and gene therapy studies
  • Preclinical studies
  • Toxicological studies

Expected quantities:
  • Midi Prep            15µg-50µg
  • Maxi Prep           100µg-500µg
  • Mega Prep          500µg-2.5mg
  • Giga Prep           2.5mg-10mg
  • Giga Prep Plus   10mg-20mg

Additional services
  • Endotoxin-free preparation is available for maxi, mega and giga preps
  • For mini prep and maxi prep Animal-free production is available
  • For maxi, mega and giga preps “sterile” option is available

Quality Controls
  • Restriction enzyme digest (this can only be performed if you select the restriction enzymes and enter the expected fragment size below)
  • DNA sequencing (1 read using a standard sequencing primer) **Free of charge**

Animal-product free preparation

Our mini prep and maxi prep plasmid preparations can be ordered “Animal Product Free”. We have developed an optimised protocol to offer a fully BSE/TSE-free preparation. Certified "Animal-product free" material (e.g. Glycerol, LB agar, LB media, RNase, plasticware) is used for the production and specially trained staff performs the preparation in a separate laboratory area. The resulting plasmids, to the best of our knowledge, are free of animal products.

Plasmid Preparation Order Form

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Biosafety Level

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Animal-free Prep

Bioburden Testing

Endotoxin Testing (LAL)

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Standard Primer:
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Expected Fragements
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