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Easy Ordering of Carrier Labels and Envelops

Accessories for shipping your sequencing samples...

.. where no DropBox is available. Conveniently order your UPS or DHL shipping kit for sending your sequencing samples via carrier to our labs. Or use our sample bags and address stickers for mail orders.

Just select the quantity you need and press "Add to Cart"!



UPS Shipping Kit Eurofins

This UPS shipping kit should be used to send samples for Eurofins services to our sequencing lab in Cologne,

The kit consist of UPS labels and UPS envelops.



The GATC UPS Labels should be used to send samples for GATC services to our sequencing lab in Cologne, Germany


DHL Shipping Kit

The DHL shipping kit consist of DHL labels and DHL envelops.

The shipping address on the label is our sequencing lab in Ebersberg, Germany

Available in most European countries (see below)


Handy Sample Bags

Padded envelope for safe shipment of your sequencing samples.

Size: C5
Pre-printed German delivery address
Stamp required


Address Sticker

For convenient labelling of your own sequencing sample bags.

Address label with Eurofins Genomics German lab address.

Size: 10x6 cm

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