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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products And Services

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Both services benefit from optimised PCR conditions with extremely low chimera formation.
The 2 x 300 bp paired-end read mode makes Inview Microbiome Profiling 2.0 ideally suited for sequencing several hypervariable regions at once. Scalable sequencing coverage allows for high sequencing depth as needed. The use of the latest Illumina chemistry provides a high degree of sensitivity and allows for the detection of even very low amounts of taxa in a complex sample. Furthermore, multiplexing makes it possible to process a huge amount of samples in parallel and within in a short turnaround time.
Inview Microbiome High Specificity with PacBio is the method of choice for sequencing of the entire 16S rDNA at the highest possible taxonomic resolution. Long amplicon sequencing allows for a high degree of specificity down to the species level. The Reads of Insert approach results in high-quality data output, where the threshold can be defined beforehand. The high degree of sensitivity of the full 16S analysis with SMRT sequencing technology makes it possible to characterise the microbial community, even at low densities.

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