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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products And Services


Inview Metagenome Explore is a ideally suited for broad taxonomic profiling of all organisms present in a given microbiome. The included 10 million read pairs are suitable for analysis of low complexity metagenomes, as well as for a broad overview of genera in complex metagenomes. A deeper sequencing coverage can be accomplished by adding additional read packages.
Inview Metagenome Advance provides detailed assessment of antibiotic resistance and community function, in addition to taxonomic characterisation. The product is ideal for profiling of complex metagenomes. For a deeper sequencing coverage than the included 10 million read pairs additional read packages can be added. The service can be applied to the quantification of functional processes in a particular community or to the detection of numerous resistance factors in an undisturbed natural environment. Please note that the required sequencing depth for successful metagenomic profiling is strongly influenced by the complexity and expected level of host contamination of the starting material. Therefore, additional sequencing effort could be necessary to obtain satisfactory results.

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