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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products And Services

How should I resuspend my oligonucleotides in tubes and in plates?

For the stock solution we recommend 10 mM Tris-EDTA pH 8.0.

We do not recommend dissolving our Salt Free and HPSF oligonucleotides unbuffered in distilled water. Due to the salt free properties of these oligos, no buffer effect is possible.

In addition, we recommend regularly checking the distilled water quality which is used for the production of the buffer.

To make the working solution, we recommend diluting the stock solution with Tris-buffer. This lowers the EDTA concentration that may disturb in enzymatic reactions.

The buffer concentration should be adjusted to the corresponding amount of oligonucleotides as DNA has a relatively high acid strength of its own.

The standard concentration for stock solutions is 100 µM. To obtain a concentration of 100 µM the synthesis report provides you with the appropriate diluents' volume.

For your convenience please use our Oligo Analysis Tool.


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