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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products And Services

The right answers to frequently asked questions

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Which standard primers do you offer?

More than 80 different standard primers are available for your DNA sequencing order. Please click here to find the complete list of Eurofins standard primers and here for all GATC standard primers which are available free of charge.

Can I send my own primers for sequencing ?

Yes of course. Just specify your enclosed primers in your sequencing order with name and sequence. The primers should be sent in a solution and concentration specified in the respective "Sample Submission" pages.

Can you synthesise a primer for me? How do I order the synthesis?

Yes, we can synthesise your sequencing primer in our oligo production. Just specify your primer for synthesis in your sequencing order with the respective name and sequence. Please note, that we keep these primers for 6 weeks at Eurofins and 6 month for GATC service for re-order possibilities.

How should I send my primers and how much primer do you need?

Please find information about primer format, primer concentration and primer shipment information for each of our sequencing services in the respective "Sample Submission" tabs.

Can I pay for primer synthesis using barcodes?

The primer synthesis along with Eurofins sequencing services can be payed with TubeSeq Labels.

For the primer synthesis along with GATC services the primer synthesis is billed separately.

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