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EXTREmers – Extra Long Oligonucleotides with Lowest Error Rate on Eurofins’s new Synthesis Platform

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EXTREmers - Das Longmer Oligo


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23/02/2017 Ebersberg, Germany
The EXTREmer oligonucleotides are extremely long oligos up to 200 bases and synthesised to achieve a maximum sequence error rate below 0.09%.

Eurofins Genomics, the genomics division of the Eurofins Scientific Group and market leader in DNA synthesis, has rolled out its new DNA synthesizer platform across Europe to synthesize longmer oligonucleotides up to 200 bases with a coupling efficiency of ≥99.5%.

EXTREmer oligonucleotides are extremely long oligonucleotides that have been developed for synthetic biology, next generation DNA sequencing and other emerging applications. These oligonucleotides are provided at a specific yield and with low error rates, and can lead to increased success and reduced timelines in a range of everyday molecular biology experiments.

Among the benefits to researchers, EXTREmers allow the construction of genes with segments of low sequence variability that would be difficult or impossible to assemble using shorter oligonucleotides. They can also be used directly as a template for in vitro transcription of RNA molecules, saving time and effort for scientists who previously had to ligate smaller DNA oligonucleotides to form the template. In addition, they can be used for introducing large-scale or multi-site mutations without waiting days or weeks to go through multiple cycles of site-directed mutagenesis. The new service will also be helpful for generating oligonucleotides for DNA-directed RNA interference, capture probes, or control standards in qPCR experiments, among other demanding applications.

“We are extremely pleased with the advanced capabilities of our newly developed, high-throughput oligonucleotide synthesizer that incorporates highly efficient reagent delivery systems, cycle-optimization, and downstream processes to ensure that each coupling reaction achieves greatest efficiency,” said Dr. Peter Persigehl, COO at Eurofins Genomics Europe. “When evaluated across many different applications, we have observed that EXTREmers offer a higher probability of success than offered by comparable products.”

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