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Eurofins Genomics Extends Its Genomic Business In Italy

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01/10/2014 Ebersberg, Germany
Market entry of Eurofins Genomics in Italy with own subsidiary to further grow the business in Europe

Eurofins Genomics, the genomics division of the Eurofins Scientific Group and international market leader in genomic services, has now established its own subsidiary in Italy, located in Vimodrone, Milan.

With the acquisition of the oligonucleotide synthesis and DNA sequencing business from Primm S.r.l. in June this year and the decision to discontinue the representation of its portfolio through Carlo Erba S.r.l., Eurofins Genomics takes an important step towards a direct cooperation and improved presence to their customers in Italy.

The Italian scientific community can take advantage of cutting-edge products and services around the core business lines of DNA sequencing, genotyping, DNA synthesis and bioinformatics, supported by a local team and experienced staff.

"The new market presence in Italy should generate considerable synergies and additional value to our customers,“ says Mario Conni, Managing Director of Eurofins Genomics S.r.l. who will actively contribute to further connect the company to the scientific community in Italy.

“Primm is an excellent strategic fit with Eurofins’ oligonucleotide synthesis and DNA sequencing business lines”, says Bruno Poddevin, Vice President of Eurofins Genomics. “The acquisition of Primm and the establishment of Eurofins Genomics Italy is a next step to further grow the business and strengthen our position as one of the market leaders in genomic services in Europe.”

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