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Eurofins MWG Operon Strengthens Bioinformatics Capabilities With Installation Of Convey Computer Hybrid-Core System

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05/03/2013 Ebersberg, Germany
Using Convey HC-2 ex system, Eurofins offers customers faster next generation sequencing and assembly of larger genomes.

Eurofins MWG Operon, one of the pioneers and key providers of next generation sequencing (NGS) services, has installed a hybrid-core computing system from Convey Computer Corporation. The Convey HC-2 ex system is a key element of Eurofins’ state-of-the-art computing facilities, providing faster NGS and the capability to assemble larger genomes than previously possible.

Eurofins MWG Operon acquired the Convey HC-2 ex to increase the computational capacity and speed they needed to keep up with advances in NGS technologies. The hybrid-core system allows Eurofins to process massive amounts of sequence data and, in particular, to assemble even the largest genomes with optimal memory and runtime efficiency.

“The installation of a Convey hybrid-core computer is part of Eurofins’ strategic goal to grow our genomics business by investing in innovative equipment,” says Bruno Poddevin, Eurofins Senior Vice President, Genomic Services. “The Convey system ensures our leadership in high quality, solution-oriented services for our global customer base.”

Convey’s hybrid-core technology is an advanced computing architecture that combines a traditional x86 environment with a reconfigurable coprocessor. Convey systems can reduce application run times from hours to minutes and address problems that normal commodity servers are incapable of addressing efficiently. Additionally, unlike clusters of x86 systems, the Convey HC-2 and HC-2ex servers provide higher performance with less power, space and cooling.

“As an industry leader in NGS services, Eurofins is focused on providing fast turnaround times and quality results using the most innovative technology,” explains George Vacek, Director of Convey’s Life Sciences division. “Convey is pleased to support Eurofins in its impressive sequencing service and to contribute to the fastest possible results for their clients.”

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