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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products And Services

How do I order chimeric oligos?

Please select "chimeric oligos" in the "RNA oligos" order menu of our Ecommerce System.

To define the sequence

  • use capital letters for phosphodiester (DNA) bases
  • lower case letters for phosphorothioate (PTO) bases
  • 2'O-Methyl RNA components of the oligo should be placed within square brackets [ ]
  • RNA components of the oligo should be put within parentheses ( )

e.g. ATC(AUG)gtg[ACG] will define an oligo where positions 1-3 are standard DNA bases, positions 4-6 are RNA bases, positions 7-9 are PTO-DNA bases and positions 10-12 are 2'O-Methyl RNA bases.

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