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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products And Services

What is the Tube Label - when / why do I need it?

Tube Labels are used for error free labelling of your sample tubes and enable less paperwork.

They allow fast and convenient processing of your samples for all kind of Custom Sequencing Services in tube format, available on our Ecom system.
They are also used to recognise each customer identity.
You can order these Tube Labels free of charge in your online account.

What are Prepaid Barcode Labels?

Prepaid Barcode Labels can be ordered in sets of 50 for our Value Read sequencing service in tube format.

Prepaid Barcode Labels are available in batches of 50 and offer the following features:

  • Easy ordering and up-to-date tracking of labels online
  • Flexible usage to facilitate sharing among colleagues
  • Simple labelling your Value Read sample tubes
  • Convenient payment of your primer synthesis

What are PlateSeq Kits resp. PlateSeq Coupons?

PlateSeq Kits and PlateSeq Coupons are the prepaid solution for our PlateSeq service.

Each PlateSeq Kit comes with a 96well plate and the appropriate seals in a metallic sample box. For each template type we offer the perfect PlateSeq Kit.

PlateSeq Coupons are code numbers provided electronically in your online account. You can use them:

  • For a second prepaid sequencing run in addition to one of our PlateSeq Kits (e.g. forward & reverse sequencing reads).
  • As alternative to the PlateSeq Kits for plasmid DNA, purified PCR products or premixed samples for immediate use.

Prepaid solutions reduce your administrative efforts and additionally help you to save your budget as we offer a lower price compared to the non-prepaid PlateSeq service.

How long will my sequencing data be stored?

We will keep your data 100 days after finishing your reads in your personal account. During this time, you can download and save your data.

How long do you store samples and primers?

For the Value Read service in tubes we store your custom synthesised primers for 6 weeks. Your DNA samples and enclosed primers will be discarded three days after the order is closed.
For the Sequencing Service à la Carte and for the PlateSeq Service we store your provided samples and primers for 6 weeks after arrival.
For the Walking Services we store your samples and the primers for 3 months. For our GLP - Compliant Sequencing service we keep your samples and primers for minimum one year.

Can I send shRNA constructs or other DNA templates with probable secondary structures?

Yes, please choose our Sequencing Service à la Carte to place your order.

Can I send Phage DNA?

Yes, please choose our Sequencing Service à la Carte to place your order.

Can I send genomic DNA?

Yes, please choose our Sequencing Service à la Carte in combination with our PCR amplification service to place your order.

What is the difference between the primer walking service and the GLP-compliant sequencing service?

The sequencing process itself for GLP-compliant sequencing by primer walking (sequence analysis compliant with Good Laboratory Practice) does not differ from the sequencing process for double strand sequencing by primer walking.

The difference makes the comprehensive GLP-compliant project documentation according to FDA guidelines.

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