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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products And Services

How can I order your DNA sequencing service?

For your convenience, please use our Ecommerce (Ecom) system to place your order. 
If you cannot order online, please download one of our order forms.
Please be aware that the Value Read Tube and the Ready2Load Sequencing services can only be ordered online.
You will find all necessary information regarding sample preparation for each sequencing service under "Sample Submission".

Where should I send my sequencing samples?

For Europe please send to:
Eurofins Genomics  
Sequencing Department
Anzinger Str. 7a
85560 Ebersberg

For customers in the following countries, please send your samples to:
United Kingdom
Eurofins Genomics
i54 Business Park
Valiant Way

Eurofins Genomics 
ZA de Courtaboeuf
9 avenue de la Laponie
91978 Les Ulis

Eurofins Genomics
c/o Regusa
Via Senigallia 18/2
Torre A
20161 Milano

How do I provide a reference sequence?

Please paste your reference sequence into the provided field in the respective order form on our Ecom system. Alternatively you can send your sequence information together with your filled order form (downloadable from our website) by e-mail to: sequencing-eu@eurofins.com.

Can I order more than one read per sample?

Yes, of course.
With our Single or Double Strand Walking services we cover the complete sequence of your plasmid insert or PCR product and we manage the design for the walking primers too.

For the Sequencing Service à la Carte you just need to send us the required amount of DNA or the clone in one tube, and specify the number of reactions in your order form.

If you want to send us a clone or an unpurified PCR product for more than one reaction using our Value Read Tube service, just place a sample name into the order form and mark this tube individually. In addition please include the corresponding amount of Barcode Labels - one for each sequencing reaction - in your sample package. Transfer the final 3 letters of each of your barcodes into the designated fields within the order template and send your sample tube together with the Barcode Labels to us.
If you send us plasmid DNA or purified PCR products for our Value Read Tube service we need one tube per reaction as this service is highly automated.

How many plates per order can I send?

A total of 8 plates per order can be sent for sequencing.

Can I re-order sequencing runs?

You can order new sequence runs without sending new sample material by taking advantage of our free template & primer storage service for

  • PlateSeq Service
  • Sequencing Service à la Carte
  • Primer Walking services 

You can order either a new sequence read on a stored DNA template with a new primer or on a new DNA template with a stored primer.

For our PlateSeq service you have not only the possibility to order the re-sequencing of complete plates but to re-order new sequence reads of single wells with different primers.

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