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SeqPrimer in Plates

  Intro & Info

Our SeqPrimer is optimised and validated for perfect sequencing results.
  • Sequence length from 15 - 35 bases
  • Normalised to selected concentration
  • Delivered liquid in bidest. water
  • Production of up to 5 plates in 3-4 working days

First, select your order entry method below. Use our Excel template for uploading your SeqPrimers in plates. Up to 12 plates can be uploaded at a time.

Use the IUB code for wobble bases (equal amount of degenerated based)

Concentration and type of plates can be selected in step 2. You can add a personal note to each plate and rename your plates. After validation you get an overview for each plate. Check each single plate on step 3 and finally confirm by pressing "Add to Cart".

Select your entry format

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