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O-Methyl-RNA / Chimerics

  Intro & Info

The sequence of Chimerics can contain DNA, RNA, PTO and 2'-O-Methyl-RNA bases.
  • HPLC purified
  • Synthesis scales from 0.05 to 1.0 µmol
  • Sequence length from 6 - 80 bases

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Sequence info: ACGT = DNA; (ACGU) = RNA; A*C*(G*U) = PTO; I = 2’-Desoxyinosine; U = 2’-Desoxyuridine;
[2OMeA], [2OMeC], [2OMeG], [2OMeU] = 2'-O-Methyl-RNA
Use the IUB code for wobble bases (equal amount of degenerated bases)

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